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Nov. 19th, 2010

water tribe, Avatar

Writer's Block: A charming defense

If you could conjure an animal spirit protector, which animal would you choose, and why?

A Panther or a lynx. 

Oct. 6th, 2009

water tribe, Avatar

Writer's Block: Concert mania

Although there are TONS of bands I'd love to see live, U2 definatly tops the charts. The 360 tour looks SO amazing...
What band are you dying to see live in concert that you've never seen before? Would you travel to a different city or state just to see them?

Sep. 8th, 2009

water tribe, Avatar

Writer's Block: Thanks for the Input

What is the worst piece of advice you've ever received?
To take French instead of music, even though I love music more than breathing, because "French will get you into college!" and "Don't you want to succede in life?". Stupid.
water tribe, Avatar

Writer's Block: Pecking Order

Are you an oldest, youngest, middle, or only child? How do you think it has influenced your personality?
 I'm the oldest child of two. It's just me, my parents, and my little sis. I'm not realy shure how it affects me, eccept for making me paranoid that my sis is out to get me...

water tribe, Avatar

Writer's Block: Mix and Mingle

How do you react when you get nervous in social situations?
I clam up, my face goes bright red, I fidget, and I look down alot. Not a pretty picture, and likely to happen a lot VERY soon, because I start High School tomarow. Ugh...

water tribe, Avatar

Writer's Block: Top of the Charts

What's the most-played song in your music library?
While I'm not shure what the most played song is, it's probably With Or Without You by U2. When 
I hear thier music, it's like I'm hearing thier souls singing. So beautiful....

Aug. 13th, 2009

water tribe, Avatar

Writer's Block: Down on Memory Lane

What is your earliest childhood memory?
My earliest memory is one of the many piggy-back rides my dad would give me. We would walk around the neighborhood like that and stop to talk to passerbys. Looking back, I think part of the reason he did that ws because he liked to show off a bit.

Jul. 31st, 2009


(no subject)

Well, this post is long overdo, but at least it's here right?

Harry Potter 6 movie. was. so. beyond. awesome. (I'm choosing to ignore the two extra scenes and all the cuts, because it's way better than the 5th movie. Now that was bad.)  I must say, it flowed much better than the last one. HP5 made me wonder what the poor souls who were watching and hadn't read the book yet were thinking. Must have been confusing.

The cast was fantastic, my favorite being Luna and Snape. They had some great  moments. And, of coarse, the soundtrack is totally addicting.

   Now the next big question is where they're going to cut Deathly Hallows in half.

May. 5th, 2009

water tribe, Avatar

I do belive I've died...

Testing. Is. Hell. 

I barely have time to sleep anymore... You would think I'd be used to this by now.

 Oh, even better news; it's supposed to be in the 90s by the end of the week. Oh. Joy.
 *sigh* You'd think I'd be used to that too...

 Well, at least I have U2.